Code of practice

Code of Practice:

Met-Talk is an independent corporation that delivers high-performance broadband and cost effective phone services to domestic and business customers. We do take responsibility for our services that are conveyed to you, and will mediate with our suppliers to guarantee a prompt and efficient resolution. This Code of Practice is published by Met-Talk.

The Purpose of the Code

Our Code of Practice notifies you about our range products, services, and customer care policies. This Code is enlisted on our website A copy of this Code of Policy is available on request of our customers and provided to any domestic and commercial customers.

This code provides our customers with some additional information:

  • How to contact Met-Talk.
  • Information on sales and marketing activities
  • Informational on our key services.
  • Information on billing and pricing issues.
  • Contact details.  

Contact Details:

To order any of our services you can contact us by:

By phone: 0203 011 0026
By fax : 0203 412 772
By Email :
Website :

Commitment to Quality

Our state of art servers and products are protected in our high security data centre, which enables us to provide broadband and line services at a competitive price than other providers.
We endow our customers with a commitment to deliver quality service and easily understood billing on a monthly basis.
Thus, we guarantee a wealth of experience in providing a secure, committed and excellent service to both consumer and business section. You can be assured that with a highly trained professional team we at Met-Talk can provide our services quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
The purposes of these commitments are:

  • To endow our clients with a standard of protection.
  • To certify that our sales and marketing activities are practiced in a responsible manner.

Our company values

At Met-Talk we provide our customers with a telecommunication structure, suiting their needs and demands. Switching to Met-Talk telecom servicesimplies that you can save money instantly. With us a reduction in line rental and call costs is guaranteed – along with a top-notch service in broadband. Saving on call costs has never been so quick and simple. We provide our customers with:

  • A guaranteed reduction in call costs.
  • Consistent and robust network.
  • UK-based customer support team.

Our solutions are customized to assist you with a fast and friendly service that endeavours to review your existing communication pattern and advise the correct solution to meet your prospective requirements.                                             

Sales, marketing, advertising and promotion:

We approach our clienteleand promote our servicesina variety of ways. Implying all these methodswe act responsibly and try to comply with relevant legislation.
We intend our advertising and promotional activity to be clear, explicit, precise and correct, containing no misleading information about our value or service. We will value your wishes where you have registered with any relevant preference service, including the Mailing Preference Service, the Telephone Preference Service, E-mail Preference Service and the Fax Preference Service.
We do not denigrate other providers of telecommunications or broadband internet services.

Recruitment and sales training:

To certify that our employees act responsibly, we follow strict measures and procedures in the selection and training of staff having direct sales and marketing contact with customers. We as well guarantee the best of our ability, to implement top-notch training procedures and payment systems.
We prepare our sales and marketing team, to ensure that they have a good understanding and perception of our services and of industry practice, thus providing our customers with accurate and precise information.
We ensure that our sales staff and agencies remain familiar with all the relevant aspects of consumer protection law, the content and this code of practice to endow only benefits for our clients.
We promise that our representatives will be polite and gracious in their approach, answers will be given to all questions with the best of their knowledge and honesty, taking care of not to mislead any customer. We always acknowledge and respect your right. Our representatives are fully trained and proficient. They will act efficiently to provide you with excellent service.

Communications with customers:

It is a policy of our corporation to maintain contact with our customers on a regular basis. We provide you with time to time information of our updates and services. We endow our clients with:

  • Information on our Terms and Conditions.
  • Any change in services.   
  • Launch of new products.   
  • Promotions 
  • Change in call rates.

We will notify you by means of bill inserts, mailings and updates on our website. We intend to keep this Code of Practice updated and regularised.  To get a copy contact us.